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Who is the school for? 

Glendinning House will be for young people aged 7-19 years who have social communication and interaction needs, including those on the Autism spectrum. Learners must have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). They will have an average, above average or just below average ability. They will be struggling in mainstream school but would not be appropriately placed/have an appropriate peer group in a Complex Needs school or an ASC Specialist Resource Base.

Would a child with Autism and a severe learning disability be suitable? 

Children who have severe learning difficulties as well as autism are likely to need a different type of approach to their learning than that which Glendinning House will offer. Parents are advised to speak to their child’s current school in the first instance, if they have concerns about the appropriate provision and/or placement for their child.

Would the school be suitable for a ‘high-functioning’ child? 

Children identified as ‘high-functioning’ may be appropriate for Glendinning House as they can experience difficulty in accessing the curriculum due to their special educational needs, which often include very high levels of anxiety and sensory overload in a traditional/mainstream setting.

What is the school’s age range? 

In Sep 2023 we will have learners aged from age 7 to 19. From Sep 2019 to 2023 our capacity will grow. We are currently working with Devon and Torbay County Councils to decide our age range during the first couple of years of opening.

How many pupils? 

Glendinning House is for 120 learners, we will reach this capacity by Sep 2023

The below table is indicitative of how we may grow in size;






Number of places

Up to 48

up to 84

up to 117

up to 120

Do pupils need an EHC plan? 

Yes, all learners who attend Glendinning House will have an Education, Health and Care plan (this has replaced the Statement of Educational Needs).

How do we get a place? 

You will need to contact your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan coordinator and let them know that you would like your child to be considered for a place at Glendinning House.

What if the new building is not ready? 

If our new build schedule does not run to our planned timeline we will work with Devon County Council to identify the most appropriate response.  This could mean a delayed opening date or beginning our school year in temporary accommodation.  

How will you recruit your staff? 

Recruitment for staff will begin from January 2019.  The school will be fully staffed for the new learners when the school opens.  Staff training and induction will take place between the appointment of staff in February/March 2019 and their start date of Sep 2019.

Who decides which children are offered places? 

The decision to offer a place at Glendinning House is made by Devon and Torbay County Council’s Children’s Services Team.They work with the school and experts in special educational needs when making this decision.

What are the timings of the day? 

At this stage the timings of the day have not been finalised. We will be working with Devon County Council’s transport department, the local community and our parents’ forum in order to develop a school day that meets the needs of our learners.

Can children who are of average or above average ability go to a special school? Surely it is for those of a very low ability? 

Some children who are very able do have special educational needs.  This can be very true of children on the Autism Spectrum as their sensory needs and social interaction difficulties can get in the way of their ability to learn, this is a special educational need.

My child has already got a special school place. Can I ask for him/her to be considered for a place at Glendinning House? 

If after reading the information on our website, you believe your child fits the profile for Glendinning House, you should contact your EHC Plan Coordinator and ask about a referral.

How do I find out more about Glendinning House? 

There is lots of information on our website and more will be added over the coming months.

If you have a specific query please complete our Enquiry Form.

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