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Meet Our Governors 


Dr Sal Stapley  

When I first read about the ethos of Glendinning House, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this new venture. It is an exciting opportunity to be involved with the development of a new school which aims to enable pupils to find balance in their lives and help them unlock their potential rather than feel imprisoned by their limitations. I believe schools have a vital role to play in helping children increase their confidence and self-esteem and to allow them to develop the necessary skills for increased wellbeing.

I know, for me, being in touch with nature is essential for my own wellbeing and I see first-hand, through my volunteer work with equine assisted learning, the sense of calm that children experience. I am a Research Fellow and Academic Tutor at the University of Exeter and a mentor and study skills tutor at the University of Plymouth for students with autism. I endeavour to offer strategies and processes to meet their needs and to enable them to become more resilient. I have recently started my own training and consultancy business focusing on raising awareness of Asperger’s and offering support to individuals, families and organisations. I am committed to using the experiences and knowledge of my own Asperger’s diagnosis to help others better understand the diversity of the condition and to develop strategies for people to live better lives.

Annabel Stone 

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Juliet Hall 

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Alan Salt 

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Simon Payne 

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How we are governed

Glendinning House currently has a local board of 5 governors (LGBs) with a range of backgrounds and expertise including; education, finance, SEND and safeguarding.

Governors’ meetings will be held regularly with the Headteacher and the executive head of the MAT.  A board of Directors with representation from the local governing body of each of the schools within the MAT sits above all of the LGBs, with a group of Members above this to oversee the board.



Strategic and ultimate control


Operational responsibility

Local Governing Body (LGB)