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The school day

As we continue to develop and plan for our new school the timings and rhythms of the day will be devised.  We will work with our parent forum, Devon County Council and take into consideration our local community and schools when planning our school day.

Glendinning House will have a 2 phase drop off at the start of the school day and pick up at the end.  All vehicles will come onto site before pupils alight and depart; this approach offers a safe and secure transition and will help to avoid congestion in our neighbourhood.

We have chosen our timings in order to compliment the local primary school and in discussion with Devon County Transport.


Arrive at school

Phase 1 drop off 9:00

Phase 2 drop off 9:15

Check in (transition time)



Staggered Breaks










Staggered Lunch










Check out (transition time)

Home time

Phase 1 pick up 15:30

Phase 2 pick up 15:45